Kurt Rosenwinkel's Masterclasses on Heartcore Records

A 3 hour long live streamed masterclass with Kurt Rosenwinkel focused on methods for voice leading, substitutions, harmonic analysis, functional and non-functional harmony, voicings, chord scale theory and applications, and much more. 

In volume IV, Kurt will take you on a fun and exciting trip through the deep world of chords and scales on the guitar with interesting and useful approaches to many aspects of harmonic thought including functional harmony, modal harmony, voice leading, substitutions, chord scale theory, etudes, passing chords, voicings, and much more.

The class is based around a beautiful handwritten book that Kurt wrote specifically for this class, and it contains a wealth of information presented in a musical and participatory way filled with musical examples, etudes, and many different jams designed to immerse the student into every mode of the Major scale, Melodic minor, Harmonic minor, and Harmonic major, with fascinating surprises along the way. In addition to the many written examples on the music staff is a booklet containing chord graphs of every voicing contained in the book so that you can learn exactly the voicings Kurt plays on the guitar, and play along with him, and jam out with him.

Plus! Added bonus written material: discussions of the types and uses of dominant chords, chord symbology, symmetrical scales, and tips for finding voicings

The format is a 3 hour video presentation by Kurt Rosenwinkel (MP4) and other related materials such as jams (WAV/MP3), charts (PDF) and a handwritten method book (PDF).

After the purchase you will receive a PDF guide with hyperlinks to download the video and all related materials.